What Is Apostille

What Is Apostille


Apostille is a system that, in its simplest form, certifies the authenticity of a document and allows it to be used legally in another country. Your document registered in the Apostille document approval system becomes available for use in other countries and is an official document. The Apostille rules are regulated by The Hague Convention and apply only between member states and parties to The Hague Conference. If the Apostille certification of your document has taken place, it will become a document that you can use in all member states of the Hague Conference. So the Apostille is required for international document validity. In the continuation of our article, you can see the list of member states of The Hague Conference.

Apostille Document Should Be In

One of the most important points to consider when preparing the Apostille document is that the main title must be written in French, otherwise the document will not be evaluated. Apostille document should contain the sequential information;

• Name of the country in which the document was edited

• First and last name of the signer

• Adjective or title of the signer

• Information about the authority to which the seal printed on the document belongs

• Where the document is certified

• Date of attestation

• Aspostil authority to regulate

• Apostille number

• Cachet or seal of the authority regulating the apostia

• Signature of the official preparing the Apostille

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